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Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete your intake forms. It's important that we gather complete information about your medical history and past injuries in order to explore any underlying causes. 

Upon our first meeting, I will review your reason for visiting, treatment expectations and goals. I will ask for details about your injury to gain a better understanding of the cause of your neck pain or injury and possible diagnosis.

Physical Exam

A directed exam consisting of range of motion, orthopaedic, and muscle testing helps to confirm a diagnosis. At this point, I may recommend medical imaging such as an X-ray or Ultrasound, or a referral to your medical doctor.  


I will explain what I found through your assessment and communicate your diagnosis. We will discuss treatment options, a care plan, and set clear expectations for your progress.


I may recommend a combination of techniques to treat the source of your problem. Included in your treatment plan may be: home exercises and recommendations, as well as follow-up appointments as necessary. It is important to follow your recommended care plan for optimal results and as you progress, I may make modifications to adapt to your current condition.

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